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February 11, 2009



Mike must not have had much luck with his "Mike Williams" scam. He is going by "Kelly McCarly" now, But has the same exact scam right down to the color dots on the cake. Be careful He/she is in Mass. now!!


We got the same email (different email address) in Austin, TX. We've had relay scam calls before, but never for cakes. Watch out!


The same situation happened here at our Bakery in Metairie,La. Beware of a person named Steven Nicole with a yahoo email address with the same relay call and an email with all the cake details above stating Happy Married LIfe.WHen we responded to the email, we charged a card, made the cake,and nobody picked it up. So we then got a bill from the credit card company stating that it was being disputed.Steven Nicole starting sending us threatening emails, and asking for us to go to Western Union for wired money. It was a very strange situation which I knew was a scam from the beginning. It was just really weird.This was in January, and now they are trying again for April 29th.

Marys Cakes

They just never give up, you gotta give them that.


I was just contacted by a Mr. Steven Nicole. After reading his second request, it sounded eerily familiar. Found an old email from an eery request by a Mr. Ben Parker. Same cake, different year.
Thanks for all the posts about this. I KNEW I needed to check out the situation. This made it so much easier.

Jean Etue

Oh goodie, I get to tell my story.

First of all I live in very far northern town with hardly 300 people in the winter. What I wanted to know was where are you going to get 300 guests, much less fresh pink roses when it's 25 below?
It's also pretty much common knowledge that whoever get's married in this town invites the entire town, no questions asked.
Also, and maybe I just haven't been around enough but who orders writing on a cake.
The hardest part is holding myself back from more correspondence with this idiot!

Amy Cramer

I got this same email, for June 9th from Ben Parker. I did not realize it was fake until the third email where he states he wants the cake shipped to Canada, he is sending me $700 for shipping alone, $100 for my troubles of taking care of everything "while he's away" and then the cost for the cake. NO THANKS!!!

Jason Schaeffer

Just got one of these emails and found it hilarious b/c I am not in the cake business. I don't know a thing about scam relay calls but will look them up now for curiousity's sake.
"Bake unto me the grandest cake..."

lisa teiger

if you google scam relay calls you will see that the relay system is being abused by scammers who ask you to accept payment over and above what your costs are and then ship something for them and pay the shipper. Its not only limited to food companies, caterers, bakers, etc but has become a serious problem for small businesses around the country. The relay calls are the new method but emails are still coming in asking for "goods" and do you accept credit cards - and other such requests. Also beware of international money orders over $750 it can take the bank a few weeks or even a month to determine the bank check or money order is phoney


Thank you SO MUCH, for posting this info, I have been contacted by this person (twice) it's good to have one less thing to worry about!!

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