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June 26, 2009



OK then, flood first!

Delilah Boyd

sorry, I wasn't clear. By "flooding," I just meant the glaze. If my cookie needs a border, I pipe the border first, then "flood" the interior with the glaze; otherwise, I glaze the cookie one day and finish the details the next morning.

Glad your cake week went well!


We paint our cookies with a trim brush using tinted "White & Glossy" glaze. Sometimes we then decorate directly with glaze (piped from a pastry bag) on (wet) glaze, which makes the colors run together as if they were flooded. Other times we deco with royal or (undiluted) glaze on dry cookies (letting the original glaze coat dry for at least a couple of hours) which leaves more of a textured effect. Very rarely do we pipe and flood with pure royal like you might see Martha Stewart do. It's just a luxury we cannot afford. Our decorated cookies sell for $14.50/dozen and we do up to 1500 per week. I plan to be lazy after we're done with weddings today (have four, but not as large as last week).

Delilah Boyd


A question about your cookie decoration process: do you flood first, then pipe; or pipe the outline first, then flood? I've tried both procedures, and I find the latter easier for me.

Hope your week went well! I have to fill an order for brownies and choc chip cookies today; after that, I plan sheer laziness.

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