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December 12, 2009



I really agree with most of this post and this is great advice however, getting a job as a manager may help you to deal with the business end, but also get some real hands on experience in a commercial kitchen. As a business owner in any industry today nothing is better than having a well rounded background in every job title in your business; even the dishwasher.

You need to know what is expected from the job so you can direct your employees accordingly and if you are not going to hire a pastry chef or professional baker, or should I say even if you do, hire those individuals, know your food and your food philosophy. Never, ever trust what is going out of the front door to someone else, you set the food quality standards and bring your staff on board.

Today it's not enough to be able to make "it" happen, you have to know it all, customer and employee loyalty is not what it use to be, consumers are more educated and demanding and rightly so!

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