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February 02, 2010



WE recently got this same letter from a John Cole, but with the same request and information. What are these people all about. They need to be stopped.

Marys Cakes

Kim, they want you to take their bogus credit cards (for *cake* and *shipping*) and send the cash for *shipping* to an accomplice via Western Union. That way when the bank figures out the credit cards are stolen or fake, reverses the credit card transaction, and removes the money from your account, they still have the cash. It must work because Ive been getting these emails for almost five years now. The entire scam really has nothing to do with cake.


Does anyone know what the scam is? What are these people trying to get out of you? So strange. My best friend is a baker and has gotten two similar emails - what do they want from her?

Marys Cakes

See that he has raised the cost of shipping from $700 a few years ago to $1200. And lowered the amount of money hes offering to you for your troubles. Would be interesting to see what he does when you ask him for the billing address for the credit card(s) he offers you as payment.


I would like thank you for sharing your story. I got the same email from the same person, the same email address too. We will see if he will replied my last email.

here is the link to the story if you'd like to read it:



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