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September 04, 2011



I'm really glad to hear about Ideal. I haven't been satisfied with Sucralose for baking (except pumpkin pies, which have a pretty strong flavor that masks the sweetener taste.) It seems to dry out the finished product. I use Agave nectar to cook for my family, but it has too many carbs for me. I'm going to give Ideal a try.

Marys Cakes

Thanks for the comment Heather. We especially like to have a substitute for confectioners sugar for buttercream. I can tell the difference as it's not as smooth as buttercream. We're going to try Agave Nectar in some recipes that call for corn syrup too.


I've used Ideal a LOT in cooking and baking and it's a great 1-to-1 substitute for granulated and powdered sugars. I used it in a buttercream frosting for my wedding, as I can't consume refined sugar. No one noticed the difference (they had in past recipes using Splenda). Happy Baking, everyone!

Mary's Cakes

Thanks for the tip Meghan. We buy agave nectar as an alternative for coffee and drinks, do you have to do anything special to use it in baking or can you substitute directly?

Meghan Krasnoff

You should experiment with Agave Nectar. Naturally low Glycemic index sweetener that most diabetics can tolerate! Expensive-ish, but delicious and totally worth it. Also NOT toxic to animals (and therefore humans either!).

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