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March 27, 2012


Lite Cubes

I love this recipe. Tried it yesterday and kids loved it!

Marys Cakes

Id love your recipe for sun dried tomatoes. We get loads of tomatoes in the summer from a local farm. Thanks!!

Phyllis Lass Thomton

Mary~ Thank you so much for the link to the recipe. You mentioned that you couldn't find sun-dried tomatoes. If I may, Just after graduatinf from Culinary Arts, I was hired on by the Mpls. Hilton-Downtown Mpls. While I worked in Garde Manger, we used to make boat-loads of sun dried tomatoes. I would like to share that recipe. I won't bore you with it UNLESS you want the recipe. I'm going to make the bread and will send photo when I do. Thanks again..Phyllis Lass Thomton.

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