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August 24, 2008


Marys Cakes

Yep, and people must fall for it cause they keep doing it. Glad you were not taken.

Elizabeth Armijo

Hi i was contacted by a Sandra Wright wanting a 5 tier cake for 300 people as well. I felt it was a scam so i quoted her higher than normal and she did not hesitate. She wanted to give be an extra $970 for shipping costs. I told ehr i needed a phone number and physical address for my tax purposes and she gave me a Glendale AZ address (I live in AZ) And a Canadian phone number. Once i told her that she is responsible for shipping cost i did not hear from her again. The next day my friend in Ohio who bakes got a similar email for 250 cupcakes his name was Richard bension.

Sandra Shadden

Our shop in Davenport, Iowa received a call and email from 'Cynthia Scott' who wanted the 5 tier cake for her wedding in Canada. She was in hospital battling Cancer and was very appreciative of our help. She said if the cakes weren't possible then 50 pies were fine. Same $980.00 for shipping, plus an extra $100 for my troubles. I had suspicions from the first relay call since I have been a sign language interpreter for the deaf for 30 years. I'll file the IC3 report right now.

Marys Cakes

So glad you were not taken. :-)

Mr. Terry

Just so that everyone knows, the scam is still going on. Our small shop received a call and email from 'Cynthia Scott' who wanted a 5 tier cake for a wedding in Toronto. She was in hospital and was very appreciative of our help. We told her we didn't do wedding cakes so she changed her order to 50 pies and would pay via two credit cards and then we were to pay for shipping. Being a small shop we were flattered by the order and started the process. What spooked me was when she wrote and asked that the shipping costs be paid via Western Union. After that, we searched for wedding cake scams and came across this site. At that the point, we contacted both the police and credit card companies. Fortunately, we were not out much more than a couple of hours work and 4 pies, which we'll give to our staff. Thanks to all of you for posting your experiences or we may have taken the bait.

J. perry

I get about 1-2 calls per year from people with broken english who are very hard to hear, who want to email me about some huge order shipped
to some state far away. The first time I was suspicious and did further checking with the venue they wanted me to ship the cake to.
The venue told me it was a scam. I also get several emails per year with No capitalization or punctuation. Once I got so fed up I emailed
them back calling them every name I could think of.
It's sad that people are so bad off they have to resort to this.


Hey all,

I was contacted by this "Cathy J Labella" starting on Wed. November 10th asking the exact same thing- 300 person cake, 5 tier,Delivery on Nov. 18th at 3pm, same pic as everyone else got...She will pay whatever I want for my cakes because she loves it so much and won't have a wedding without my cakes. blah, blah, blah. She will pay me $980.00 for shipping, plus an extra $100 for my troubles...knew it was a scam from the beginning. I contacted my local police (I'm in B.C. Canada, she wants the cake for her wedding in Chicago!) and they forwarded me onto the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center www.anti-fraudcenter.ca or www.recol.ca if you want to file a complaint online.
I've been giving them(the Canadian Fraud center) the credit card numbers that "she" has given me (which are stolen by the way!) and now the location in which I am supposed to Western Union the $980.00 for shipping to- A lady by the name of Erica Langford in Champaign, IL.....Don't let this person get you, and if you can, file a complaint- the more people that do this, the more they can do about it!

Eileen Brown

This just happened to us as well! Thank you for posting this scam so we didn't get "taken". Ours was translated from FRENCH!!!

Rachael Louw

So glad everyone has posted - I googled Cathy J Labella as we too received an email for a cake for 300 - they want it for Oct 15th to ship to Cananda - same cake pic as posted above. I've been wary from the the first email but it all seemed so fishy i just had to google "her" name and the Wilton post came up first. Glad no money has been exchanged, just wasted email time... will report it as soon as I have time. Thank you everyone for being so diligent ...


I got this same email two days ago, thought it sounded a little fishy, googled the name of the "sender," and the first result was a post on the Wilton forums talking about the scam and pointing to this page. Good for you for spreading the word!

I sent back an email saying that this was a scam, scammers disgust me, and to go find someone else to fall for that garbage. The sad part is, they probably already have.

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